Write From Life

Beginners: 2nd & 4th Thursday of each month – 9 am – 11 am

Advanced: Thursday 9 am – 11 am – 1st & 3rd of each month.

City Mall Campus

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About the Tutor

Estelle McCrohan is an experienced writer and presenter.  She has had many lifestyle articles published in national magazines.  As a teacher of adults, she has written and presented programmes in a number of subjects.

About the Class

If you have ever thought about leaving some records of events so that your family and descendants will know more about you, here’s your chance!  Perhaps you want to make a family history, or write about some interesting person, leave a record of events, or explain yourself on paper.  This course helps you find the time, know where and how to start, bring events to life and find the answers to questions which have been holding you back.  If you have always been going to put down on paper ‘one day’ – this is the time.

Senior Matters: Sharing your life story rewarding

Senior Matters - Wayne MacDonnell's take on the world.
Senior Matters – Wayne MacDonnell’s take on the world. Sarah Keayes

THE older I get the more I reflect on my life, the things I have done and the events that have had a profound effect on my life.

Not that I am one to continually wonder what might have been had I made different choices, but there are times when reflection seems inevitable.

Looking back on my youth I wonder if I had it so good and speculate on what I got up to during those years and consider if today’s youth has missed out on those times.

Or is it the other way around? Have I missed out on theirs?

I always heard my parents say “in the good old days” and now I find myself saying exactly that – “in the good old days” or, “in my day” we did it this way or we did it that way.

Reflection on your life is one thing but unless you do something with that reflection then is only that – reflection.

And I guess that it is only natural that as we age there is more of life on which to reflect.

For a lot of people our history is something to write about as opposed to just thinking about or story telling about.

Telling your story in written form can be very rewarding and leaves something for future generations to read and understand about your thoughts and insights on the way things were done in your lifetime.

A lot of ex-politicians write of their political careers. Sports people write of their struggle to become top in their chosen sport or artists write of their careers on stage, on the screen, as a musician and other such careers.

But many write of their everyday life growing up in Australian suburbia or overseas and migrating to this country.

There are plenty of self-help books available in the library or at book shops on the topic, but this may not be the answer you are searching for.

At U3A in Ipswich Estelle McCrohan runs a class on the first and third Wednesday mornings of each month called “Writing from Life”.

PEN TO PAPER: Classes are held in Ipswich to help people write about their lives.
PEN TO PAPER: Classes are held in Ipswich to help people write about their lives. 

The class is designed to help people develop their ideas and get them down on paper.

Estelle has written a book on the subject titled ‘How to Write a Life – A Quick Guide’ in which she comments that most works by ordinary people will be of interest to their families and friends and future generations.

“We are each unique, with a unique point of view. Siblings bought up in the same family, same house and surroundings can have an entirely different angle on their past – strange but true.”

Estelle enjoys taking these classes and helping people write about their lives.

She says the classes are not too formal, which allows people’s creativity to develop.

If you have ever thought “I could write about that”, then why not give it a go and see where it leads.

As Estelle says in the book: “The telling of stories is central to culture and identity – something we don’t give much time to in our hectic stressed-out society.C All you have to do is start.