Cryptic Crosswords

Tutor: Bruce Duckett:  I am a retired secondary school teacher and have been solving cryptic crosswords for a couple of years now, having been taught by Nellie Clark. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge and the collaboration of group solving.  I will tailor classes to suit the group, and will try to extend people’s understanding and appreciation of cryptic crosswords. The class should be a fun and productive time for all.

The Intermediate class will be expected to tackle newspaper style cryptic crosswords as a group, and to work on these at home. Nellie has outlined the prerequisite understandings for this level, but I accept that individuals will be at different levels of expertise.

In 2019 I am keen to act as a tutor for the Cryptic Crosswords Basic course, in Conjunction with Nellie Clark. This will test my rusty teaching skills and adapt them to an adult audience.

I am certainly no expert at cryptic crossword solving, however I am keen, and patient and look forward to being able to pass on my knowledge and skills and, of course, to enjoy the process.

If you wish to go on to develop the skill to solve more difficult puzzles, and/or if you are enjoying the company and input of the other class members you can go on to join the ‘intermediate’ class that is run by Bruce Ducket This class is for students who know how to find the straight part, how to recognise the wordplay, have spent some time deconstructing the clues and are familiar with the cryptic glossary.