Nutrition For Healthy Aging

Tutors: Lynda Horsborough and Lynette Duffy 

11.45 am – 1.15 pm, Tuesday – Booval Campus

Will resume on April 17th.

Lynda is a qualified university trained Natural Medicine Practitioner who endeavours to share the tools and information in regaining a healthy life or continue healthy living through nutrition. 

Lynette is a nutritionist with great ideas on how to incorporate nutritional foods into meal plans and recipes. 

In this course we look at human biology and the  mechanisms of diseases that is generally related to aging such as; osteoarthritis, dementia, diabetes, sleep problems, long term stress and depression, auto immune diseases, just to name a few. We will look at the ways alternative medicine that ward off diseases using foods and lifestyle changes with evidence based methods and information. 

Each class will be sequential and build on an understanding of   the biology of human function and biochemical imbalances in disease such as improving Gastro-Intestinal Health, supporting detoxification, managing blood glucose levels, supporting adrenal and thyroid function, modulating inflammation reducing oxidative load and support for balanced brain chemistry. 

This will be supported by Lynette with her healthy recipes and good food ideas. 

The class will include and incorporate Youtube videos of university lectures from America and TED talks by renowned nutritionist and naturopaths from around the world that demonstrate the growing awareness of complementary medicine and the need to incorporate it in our lives in this modern world followed by informal discussion and
input from participants in the class. 

Informal and directed group discussion on ways of changing old habits and bringing in new habits to our lives, analysing eating habits and the alternative foods which will give optimum health benefits.  

It’s never too late to start living a healthier life and reaching optimum health as you get older.