Film Discussion Group

Venue: Woodend Nature Centre,

35 Williams Street COALFALLS.

1st & 3rd Saturdays, 10 am – 2 pm

 Any queries, please phone Rob on 3288 5560 (leave message if not home!)

Or you can phone the U3A office: 3282 7484 – Email:

2018 Film Timetable will be available next year.

Let there be no confusion.  I am Rob McGeehan (NOT David Stratton!!)

About ‘At our movies’:

Ever thought you could be a ‘movie critic’- well here is your chance!

Any U3A member is more than welcome to come along. U3A by its nature is a collection of learning activities, so the purpose of selecting and showing moves is clearly educational – we seek to learn what it is that makes a great movie. We have all grown up with movies so no doubt nostalgia has a certain role in selecting what to show, but movies quite clearly evolve along with the subject matter they depict. So, although the movies selected will, I am sure be most enjoyable, the “plan” for each ‘session’ (movie +talk), is for a member to introduce the movie- to talk about why it was selected, who are the ‘stars’, the director (and give some background about them) etc. – and of course the audience will then be invited to contribute whatever they feel is relevant to the discussion.

No – it’s not daunting and everyone is encouraged to participate. Each presentation runs for about 10 – 15mins, but there is no hard and fast rule – whatever the presenter is comfortable with. The ‘sessions’ normally start at 10 am and generally run in total for about 1.5 – 2 hours.

Also, several books are available if you need help – No pressure!

More facilitator really, as the “learning” comes from the presentations given by each of the members. I am, like I am sure you are, something of a movie “buff” with an eclectic taste in movies.

The film group is open to everyone who enjoys films. We meet at 10 am (sometimes at 11 am so see the timetable) in the Woodend Nature Centre.  We have morning tea, and, if it’s a marathon movie day, we bring lunch.

Someone presents the film and then we critique the film afterwards.  Usually to much hilarity and discussion.

I look forward to seeing some great movies in 2016 and to learning from you what it is that you feel makes them great.

Stay up to date with the movies by visiting this site regularly.


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