Film Discussion Group

Woodend Campus, 35 Williams Street, COALFALLS

Tutor – Rob McGeehan

1st & 3rd Saturdays, 10 am – 2 pm (can vary so please consult the timetable below)

 Any queries, please phone Rob on 3288 5560 (leave message if not home!)

Or you can phone the U3A office: 3282 7484 – Email:

Next Movie:  Women In Love, Saturday 17 Nov at 10am

Now, Women in Love is what is known as a “romantic drama”. Without giving too much away, suffice to say it is a 1969 British movie directed by Ken Russell, starring Alan BatesOliver ReedGlenda Jackson, and Jennie Linden. For bibliophiles amongst us, you will be familiar with D. H. Lawrence‘s novel of the same name

The plot follows the relationships between two sisters and two men in a mining town in post-World War I England. The film explores the nature of commitment and love.

Women in love, was nominated for four Academy Awards, with Jackson winning the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role, and the film receiving other honours

Being D.H. Lawrence (remember, He also wrote “Lady Chatterley’s lover’), you should be prepared for some “in your face” nudity-whether its tasteful and essential to the plot-is up to you to decide-but be prepared for an Adult approach to relationships-nothing childish about this movie.

And as Shirley will be presenting (and leading discussion) I won’t be introducing what the better-known film critics had to say-over to you, Shirley!

The after the movie discussion/critique, therefore, promises to be most rewarding, so why don’t you give us the benefit of your valued opinion

In short-come along

Morning tea provided -ist es nicht!



Blurb- (what this is!)- a short description of a book, or film.

Empathise- to understand and share the feelings of another. (A favourite way of getting the audience “involved”)

Dystopian (adjective)- an imagined place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, typically a totalitarian or environmentally degraded one.

Bibliography-list of books

Glossary- explaining or defining difficult or unusual words and expressions used inthe text.

Bibliophile- book lover, bookman, scholar, scholarly person, student. a learned person (especially in the humanities); someone who by long study has gained mastery in one or more disciplines.


SATURDAY 3rd 17/11/18 Women in Love DRAMA  KATHERINE  131 mins
SATURDAY 4th 24/11/18


Jane Eyre Classic/drama Carlene 105mins


SATURDAY 2nd 8/12/18 Cold Moon 
Horror Daphne 131MINS

Special dates 2nd semester

Xmas school hols from Sat 15/12/18-U3a” closes” after business, Friday 14/12/18?

Note-for Sat 24th Nov.-long session suggest bring lunch

The film group is open to everyone who enjoys films. We meet at 10 am (sometimes at 11 am so see the timetable) in the Woodend Nature Centre.  We have morning tea, and, if it’s a marathon movie day, we bring lunch.

Someone presents the film and then we critique the film afterwards.  Usually to much hilarity and discussion.

I look forward to seeing some great movies in 2018 and to learning from you what it is that you feel makes films great.

Stay up to date with the movies by visiting this site regularly.