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Tutor: Robin McGeehan


BONUS “movie in the break”

Genre: -comedy

Time: – 89 mins

Presenter: – Rob (as movie-in-break-no critiquing)

Language: -Spanish (English sub-titles)

Rating: – M

“Olla”-This is a foreign (bonus) movie by Pedro Almodóvar-another in his portfolio of excellent movies.

Now don’t get me wrong, -like all film auteurs (see tid-bits below) he has a few “bombs” but this is not one of them.  Admittedly the pace of the movie is a bit frenetic at times. bordering on “keystone cops”, but overall thoroughly enjoyable and ranks No.5 in Almodóvar’s extensive list of films (no controversy for No.1 – “all about my mother”)

Ok, lets hear from the critics: –

“… Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 89% out of 27 professional critics gave the film a positive review; the average rating is 7.7/10.and  Based on 12 critics, it holds an 85/100 rating on Metacritic, signifying “universal acclaim…”.

Wikipedia had something to add about the actors: – “… An ensemble in an Almodóvar film, far closer to a nightmarish family reunion than a nostalgic gathering.  Pepa (Carmen Maura) is the glue holding this ramshackle carnival together, which features Lucía (Julieta Serrano), her husband’s clinically insane, potentially homicidal ex-wife. There’s also Marisa (Rossy de Palma), her son’s stuck-up fiancée etc etc (sorry anymore and I would be unwittingly disclosing the plot- a real no no!)

Come along and enjoy this fast-paced comedy-and morning tea provided      


P.S.-reminder-don’t forget Planning meeting at WOODEND: -10.00am, Saturday 20 July PLUS a light hearted B&W “blast from the past” – the pure magic of Ginger and Fred, in “Swing Time”

Tid bits: – From time to time you will see this insertion in the regular film “blurb”-The idea is to inform you about certain aspects of movie making-you could say this is an educational approach to a better understanding of various aspects of film-not merely entertainment! -hope you find it worthwhile.

Auteur: (and his work) According to this theory, a film and its director can be assessed by a body of work rather than looking at each ‘text’ individually. An auteur’s films have recurrent themes, characters and a very distinct visual style. Tim Burton is an auteur. His films are recognisably his work. (and so is Alfred Hitchcock for the same reason/s)-more from Wikipedia “…An auteur is an artist, usually a film director, who applies a highly centralized and subjective control to many aspects of a collaborative creative work; in other words, a person equivalent to an author of a novel or a play. Wikipedia


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