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Saturday, 19 May – 10 am

Henry V


Shakespeare is an acquired taste-you either like it or loathe it -and when presented in movie form the same can be said to be true, with the added “bonus” of the interpretation of the “bard’s” word supplied by the actor.

This is particularly the case in this 1989, somewhat bloodthirsty rendition of the play, where the principal part of the King is played by (the talented, so I am told) Sir Kenneth Branagh.

OK, so I don’t like the man but YOU might think he is the epitome of acting supremacy!

So, my challenge is to come along and enjoy (right word?) this version of Henry V-you may (me too) be pleasantly surprised.

What did the critics have to say?

(Wikipedia)”…Branagh stars in the title role with Paul ScofieldDerek JacobiIan HolmEmma ThompsonAlec McCowenJudi DenchRobbie ColtraneBrian Blessed, and Christian Bale in supporting roles (quite a cast!).

The film received worldwide critical acclaim and has been widely considered one of the best Shakespeare film adaptations ever made. Kenneth Branagh, in his directorial debut, received Oscar nominations for Best Actor and Best Director.

Roger Ebert, noted critic of the Chicago Sun-Times, gave the film three-and-a-half out of four stars, highly praising Branagh’s performance and writing, “There is no more stirring summons to arms in all of literature than Henry’s speech to his troops on St. Crispan’s Day, ending with the lyrical ‘We few, we happy few, we band of brothers.’, I was emotionally stirred even though I had heard them many times before. That is one test of a great Shakespearian actor: to take the familiar and make it new”

(as Scrooge would say “…Bah! Humbug”-enjoy!)

Morning tea provided (for those who survive Agincourt! -and others)


21-4 The Artiste Foreign Nellie Nellie  
05-5 Inherit the Wind classic-Drama/Religious Shirley Shirley  
19-5 Henry 5 (Branagh version) Historical Shirley Shirley
02-6 Circle of Friends Drama Mark Mark  
16-6 (Mystery?) ? Daphne Daphne  
30-6 (Mystery?) ? Nellie Nellie  
07-6 MEETING ( + Movie?) ? Norid Norid  
14-6 Downfall foreign/war Mark Mark “BONUS” MOVIE
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The film group is open to everyone who enjoys films. We meet at 10 am (sometimes at 11 am so see the timetable) in the Woodend Nature Centre.  We have morning tea, and, if it’s a marathon movie day, we bring lunch.

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I look forward to seeing some great movies in 2018 and to learning from you what it is that you feel makes films great.

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