Latest Annual Report

U3A Ipswich – 2015/2016 Annual Report:

Di Dickinson

I’d like to introduce the Committee for this year. My name is Di Dickinson, our Vice-President is Eric Boel (absent), Treasurer/IT Guru Keith Adams, Secretary Roy Taylor, Curriculum & Tutors Convenor and Planning & Policy Convenor Peter Horler, Communication & Marketing Convener and Volunteers Coordinator Paulette Montaigne, Functions Coordinator Sheenagh Kelley and general Committee members Jan Fraser and Hernan. We had two resignations at the start of the year, from Carlene Primmer and Ray Roth, both due to ill health. It may not be evident to everyone just how many hours have been put in by the committee, and how many “outside” meetings they have put in.

Earlier this year, we were in a quandary as how best to absorb the ICC’s new fee structure for room hire at the Humanities Centre, a pit-fall we didn’t, but perhaps should have, seen coming and which has thrown our year into turmoil. Many possibilities were explored, many consultations with ICC were held and much discussion was generated amongst members. It was glaringly obvious that there was no “one size fits all” solution, and that whatever we came up with would have both positive and negative connotations for different members.

It was also discovered that we’d done nothing to implement a set of legal requirements that came into force in 2012, requiring us to have a strategic plan for the next five years, a Code of Conduct and the need to develop policies for privacy and risk management.

However, at year’s end, we have done much to develop actions for privacy and risk management. Thanks to Peter Horler we also have a Code of Conduct. Peter has also put together a Tutor’s Handbook which is hot off the press. Many thanks, Peter, your presence will be sorely missed on the Committee in 2016.

We have done much to help secure the future of our U3A by relocating to the Woodend Nature Centre, although some classes will still remain at the Humanities Centre and at the Library. Enough water has flowed under the bridge for me to write a book regarding this journey. Hopefully 2016 will be less stressful for the incoming Committee. While on Woodend, I’d like to formally thank the Mayor, Paul Pisasale, for the ICC’s generous gift of air conditioning for the Centre.

Season’s greetings to you all and I look forward to catching up with everyone at Start-Up Day on 28th January, 2016.

Di Dickinson,