5 Pencil Method of Drawing

Yvonne James is offering three Classes in the 5 Pencil Method of Drawing (all full) – Woodend Campus.

Beginners: Wednesday 11.30 am to 1.30 pm (waiting list available)

Intermediate: Wednesday 9 am to 11 am

Advanced: Tuesday 9 am to 11 am

Pictured here are students showing off their work. 


About The Tutor

Yvonne James has always had an interest in Art.  In High School and later, in College, she studied Art and even thought of applying for art college.  When she retired from teaching, Yvonne enrolled in a painting class and decided to learn to draw as it could only help her painting.  Her search for for instruction led to the internet where she discovered the 5 pencil method of drawing portraits.

About the Class

This course will teach you the core concepts you will need to know in order to be able to draw with accuracy.  We will begin with simple exercises and techniques, then practice these techniques by working on projects.  You won’t need talent but because this method of drawing is detailed and requires a lot of your time, you will need patience.  The results will be well worth it! “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot draw’ then by all means draw, and that voice will be silenced” (with apologies to Vincent Van Gogh).