Language & Literature

Tutor: Shirley Ferrier

Friday – 11.30 am – 1 pm – Room 2, Ipswich Library

(Any queries please phone Shirley on 3389 5234)

About the Tutor

Hello – I am Shirley Ferrier and I co-ordinate “Language & Learning” group.

I don’t have a formal education, but I have an insatiable desire for knowledge – for example, I like to analyse all sorts of poetry etc. and share with like minded people.

I also love to write and perform my own poetry.  I firmly believe that discussion of any topic is the key to understanding.  An open mind is all that is required, and the ability to listen and take in the ideas of others.

U3A learning for pleasure – what more can we ask? (I have been a member of U3A for 20 years).

TERM 4 – 2018

Date Topic Presenter
October 12th A D Hope Shirley – All to bring
October 19th Theme – Revenge (prose, poetry) Mark – All to bring
October 26th Lyrics Dorn – All to bring
November 2nd An American Writer Margaret – All to bring
November 9th Favourite Fictional character Shirley, Mark – All to bring
November 16th Literary Award Winners Marie – All to bring
November 23rd Beat Writers Shirley, Mark – All to bring
November 30th Humorous Poetry Dean – All to bring
December  7th U3A Break Up  
December 14th Break Up?  
December 15th School Holidays Begin