History & Language & Literature

Tutor – Shirley Ferrier

History Behind The Scenes

 Tuesday – 10 am – 11.30 am – Booval Campus, downstairs room

Language & Literature

Friday – 11.30 am – 1 pm – Room 2, Ipswich Library

(Any queries please phone Shirley on 3389 5234)

About the Tutor

Hello – I am Shirley Ferrier and I co-ordinate “History – behind the scenes” and “Language & Learning” group.

I don’t have a formal education, but I have an insatiable desire for knowledge – for example, getting behind the scenes of well known historical events, and all sorts of analysis of poetry etc.

I also love to write and perform my own poetry.  I firmly believe that discussion of any topic is the key to understanding.  An open mind is all that is required, and the ability to listen and take in the ideas of others.

U3A learning for pleasure – what more can we ask? (I have been a member of U3A for 20 years).

About the History Group

“History is written by the victors” – attributed to Winston Churchill, but of unknown origin.  For those of us interested in history, we carry a special burden: it’s like being a parent in charge of memory, in this case, society’s memory. And since our memories tend to be selective—remembering mostly what serves our purposes—the burden of the historian is to restore and retain that memory until it is as true and complete as we can make it.

Of course it’s also fun. The mystery in history brings out the detective in us; there are countless unsolved crimes and riddles and unresolved debates – hence the need to read; research; question.

We must also learn of people (both famous and ordinary) – their foibles and vices; the cultures which helped form them, and the global tapestry impacting the events.

As we quest for truth, we seek for the history behind the scenes.  Being a Historian is a lot of work, a great responsibility, and a lot of fun.

Perhaps you see a little bit of yourself among these words?  If so, join our group on the journey of exploration, while extending your skills of analysis and investigation.