Enhance Your Lexicon

Tutor: Ann Cockburn 

Wednesday 12 pm – 1.30 pm – Room 2, Ipswich Library

In this class, 20 words are studied in depth each week. First, the dictionary definitions are read and some words we thought we knew are found to have deeper, or wider, meanings and usages than we realised. Next, we read the words in sentences. After this come a series of written exercises which get the students writing the words. The final exercise is a set of 20 sentences, each with a word missing. Students fill in the blanks with the relevant list of words.

Dictionaries are not used in this class. When a difference of opinion arises as to the usage of a particular word, the matter is settled by class discussion.

About the Tutor:

Ann Cockburn ( pronounced Co’burn) is a retired Learning Support Teacher. When Ann first tutored a U3A course it was a grammar class! One of the foreign language students though it would help her in that class to revise her English grammar. The class went well and Ann wondered what else she might offer. She came up with the idea of studying words and Enhance Your Lexicon was born.