Competition – Book Prizes

We have three prizes in this competition.

These books were generously donated by Lynette Duffy. If you would like to purchase copies, please see Lynette. Copies for this edition of the newsletter have been specially reduced: Cookbooks now $10, children’s books now $5.

Lynette is the Tutor for the “Healthy Eating” class held on Tuesday mornings at Booval Campus. Please see the Timetable menu for exact time and location.


A cookbook for all ages filled with recipes that are low in fat, salt, sugar & low GI. The recipes are simple to follow with most whipped up in 10 – 15 minutes from items available in the supermarket.

Not only does this cookbook have loads of healthy recipes, you will also find a list of items recommended for your pantry, fridge & freezer and even herbs that you can be grow in a pot or garden which can then be used in cooking to add flavour. Plus, there is a four week menu with a grocery list, made from recipes included in the book.

Competition question:

What sort of recipes can you find in this book?

Answers to: Must include the word “cookbook”


A skillfully written, exquisitely illustrated book about a boy seeking a forever companion. With the help of an unexpected find, he discovers what he has always been looking for. Watch out for the unexpected ending. For ages 2+. Great to read with your grandchildren.

Competition question:

What is the boy in the story seeking?

Answers to: Must include the word “Inchy”



This is a book written in a sensitive, thought-provoking style that leads the young reader on a journey of what it is like to feel different, bullying, acceptance and friendship. It can provide a tool to an open discussion between adult & child to talk about bullying and coping techniques. For ages 5+. Great to read with your grandchildren.

Competition Question:

This book is about Monsters under the bed. True or False?

Answers to: Must include the word “Monster”.