U3A Ipswich & West Moreton Inc.

U3A Logo webU3A at Ipswich in Queensland invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, through learning and social activities.  New interests and friends await. University is a loose term – there are no academic requirements for membership and no exams!

U3A (University of the Third Age) is an international movement for older people who find a joy in learning.  The “ages of mankind” can be traced back to the ancient Greeks.  The 1st age is from the point of birth till we leave the protective umbrella of education ;  The 2nd age is the period of employment and parental responsibility;  The 3rd age is the period of active, semi retirement – often considered “the golden age”;   the 4th age is one of dependency.

Working life often confines us to a limited field.  In later life, we are free to expand our knowledge;  explore new interests, and to share our expertise with others.

There are no qualifications needed; no tests or exams – only like minded people who enjoy learning new skills and activities.

RisksU3A courses cover interests such as sport, exercise, the arts, language, technology, travel, dance, geology, history, language, craft, gardening and the sharemarket. U3A requires no prior learning.

Members, with a lifetime of experience, share their expertise with small tutorial classes.  The word “university” in U3A is used in its earliest sense – a community of scholars who get together to help each other. You will benefit from both mental and physical stimulation, in a group of like minded people.

If you are over 18 yrs old, and have a joy of learning, you have found a new home.

With the support of the Ipswich City Council, groups enjoy excellent facilities including the library; the Humanities Centre and, where most of our classes are held, the Woodend Nature Centre. 

To learn more about U3A Ipswich (Qld), contact the office:

Phone:        07  32827484

Email:       contact@u3aipswich.org.au


Write to:
The Secretary
U3A Ipswich and West Moreton
56 South Street,
Ipswich  Qld  4305

The office is on the first floor of the Humanities Building – 56 South Street, Ipswich.

U3A’s Main campus is at Woodend Nature Centre.  Please contact the Office before calling in at Woodend.

“Senior Matters – Learning in your Golden Years”.

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