What’s On

Although this is the What’s On page, please take a look instead at ‘What’s New’.  ‘What’s New’ is the newsletter.  It looks the same, but looks can be deceiving, so, don’t be deceived.  There is new content and there is a new direction.  The articles and snippets are all meant to be informative.  The Competition is meant to entertain and reward you.

We have advertising for the first time ever.  This means the April edition is cost neutral.  Four of our advertisers will also be involved in the life of U3A by offering a class or a tour or a book.  You will find articles from a couple of our advertisers – solid informative articles, not just fluff and feel good words.  There is some U3A news plus a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

The next issue (July) is already filling up with contributions from members and tutors as well as other contributors.  We’re heading in an exciting direction with the U3A newsletter – I’ve not seen one done quite like this before – looks the same, but is radically different.  Check it out at: